Go Green at Home With Artificial Grass

If that green thumb of yours is itching to scatter some seeds, try planting some trees. Because when it comes to growing grass, your green conscience knows better. It may be Mother Nature's natural carpet, but there's nothing natural about the automated watering, chemical saturation and air-polluting mowing of a "natural" lawn. Fortunately, you need not sacrifice the experience of that lush green grass you love. Southwest Greens designs maintenance-free synthetic turf and grass that looks and feels like the real thing - not only for your lawn, but also putting greens for golf enthusiasts.

For every square foot of lawn or backyard putting greens you grow, it takes at least 25 gallons of water to keep it alive throughout the year. For a 2,000-square-foot lawn, that's 50,000 gallons of water that your automatic sprinklers are pouring into the ground, often for grass that's brown and burnt three months out of the year from the summer sun and heat. Southwest Greens artificial grass for your lawn or golf greens enables you to conserve on two precious resources - the water and money you'd otherwise pour down your outdoor drain.

Water isn't the only thing you're probably pouring onto your natural grass. Most commercial fertilizers, weed killers and pesticides are filled with chemicals. Imagine the impact of these toxins saturating the grass and seeping into the ground throughout the lifetime of your lawn. It's not only bad for the Earth and its wildlife, but also your children and pets for whom your lawn is - and should be - a playground. Synthetic turf and grass is not only safer for them, but softer too. And Southwest Greens backyard putting greens react to the ball just like natural grass.

You don't have a hundred miles of grass to mow, but you may as well. Using a gas lawnmower pollutes the air just as much as a hundred-mile road trip! Though alternative forms of energy are on the rise, carbon-spewing coal is still the number one resource used to produce our electricity. Southwest Greens artificial grass never needs you to mow it, but always looks like you just did. And your golf greens will always have that pristine, manicured look of a professional course.

Synthetic turf and grass is so environmentally-friendly that some cities offer rebates for its installation because of all the water you'll conserve in your community. Even the value of your home increases with an artificial grass lawn or golf greens in your backyard. Best of all, saving money with artificial grass is just a by-product of helping to save the planet artificial grass oklahoma city.